Thursday, 14 July 2011

when a handbag is no longer your handbag

no matter how much we try to keep our handbag separate from a nappy bag it never is the case. If you need to find your child's dummy, look in your handbag. Don't look in there for money or anything because your child has more than likely taken it anyway. I used to fill my handbag with a lipstick, purse, monthly necessities, perfume stick. Forget all that now. The lipstick would get eaten, the purse remains but has to be watched, monthly necessities go in my pocket so there's no "what's this mum??", don't dare put perfume in there because it would go everywhere. Now i grab my handbag and make sure there's a small snack for the kids, a nappy or 2, baby wipes, a balloon or few to keep kids occupied if we're stuck anywhere. Don't know when I'll ever have a handbag as just a handbag again but it's all worth it

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