Friday, 22 July 2011

did she really say that??

Bub is starting to say many first words and it's so exciting to hear.

Here's some...she walked into the loungrroom and saw giggle and hoot and said hoot

I read her a book that had a picture of a train in it. I said toot toot so she copied.

We asked her where is miss 4 (using real name of course) and she looked around. We told her miss 4 is at preschool. She said with all seriousness in her own language dayah at preschool. Dh and i looked at each other in shock and said wow did she just say miss 4 is at preschool.

gave her afternoon tea and said lets see if dad is home. she went to the window and said daddddda wher are you?

says hello on any object that looks like a phone

says hish for chatterbox's name

when we drive along it's tradition to say spotto if you see a yellow car, one day she copied us. it was hilarious.

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