Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I'm sitting here watching miss 4 play with her 3 year old cousin mr b. It is adorable. There's 9months difference between them but they are like twins, inseparable. The have a connection with each other and really understand each other. I really saw that the day i watched them both lick the television ....they were licking the icecream on one of the cartoons.
They attend the same preschool but on different days. Both seem quiet when not together at preschool, but there was one day they were together. It was the Mummy and me night for mothers day. SO my sister and i went together with miss 4 and mr b. They were over excited to see each other and jumped excitedly into the preschool gate together and all the way up the path to the door laughing uncontrollably. A teacher walked past and commented how enthusiastic they are....which in normal person terms is wow, aren't your kids hypo tonight. i really think she was shocked as she had never seen either of these 2 kids behave like this.
At the minute they are eating koala biscuits and making them talk to each other. so cute.

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