Wednesday, 20 July 2011

the search for the perfect slipper

We all love a comfy slipper, something we can wear inside that's not as formal as shoes, and that keeps our feet warm. I wanted exactly this for bub. And found it a few months ago at coles for $10. Bub wore them everyday, inside, outside, sometimes to bed if it was freezing. They stayed on her feet and never just slipped off. But then........we had a blow out. Her big toe gradually crept out more and more from the sole of the slipper til it stayed out permanently. Not long after this it happened to her other big toe. Not ideal at all unless she wore socks underneath.
Target slippers
So begins the search for the next perfect pair of slippers. Went to Target and found ugg boots but just could not get them on her foot and thought there's no way i want to struggle to get these on every day. Ditched them. Then found a cute little pair for only $4.
What a gorgeous little slipper i thought but already had the feeling these will not stay on an active 1 yr old foot. She did wear them and didn't try to pull them off every single minute, but where ever she climbed (yes I've been blessed with another one) it would come off. Slipper fail!!!
So i search kmart and to no avail, search payless shoe shops and again my attempts proved to be futile. Where oh where are some perfect slippers for my baby girl. after our lunch date at the very old fashioned pub on Monday I said lets go to big w and see if there's any slippers there. I knew this was our last port of call so was really praying hard there'd be some there. it was really annoying me by now. Then we found it....the perfect slipper of all time!!
Osh Kosh slippers reduced from $20 down to $15. And they fit!! And they don't come off constantly. She looks adorable in them, so funky.
So there is The Perfect Slipper

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