Friday, 8 July 2011

The toilet

The toilet for most people is just that stinky place to pass what ever it is you need to get rid of then get out. For others, it's a place of peace. i really felt that tonight I have to say. There were soo many people in the house and  i just needed a few minutes peace. I kept putting off going to the loo as I was so busy then I finally took the opportunity and as soon as i shut the door I wondered why didn't I do this earlier. It was quiet, closed off from everybody else. I almost forgot all those people were out there.
There should seriously be a small room in each house that is not a bedroom or anything, and definately not as stinky as a toilet where people can go for 5 minutes time out. A mum often doesn't get that time to even go to the loo in peace during the day as 1 or 2 or 3 children all have to follow, then investigate what you are doing, while playing with the toilet paper, opening and closing the door , or attempting to eat the toilet brush. Lucky for us the door handle is high so the kids can't reach it if we do shut it if we want to be alone. I often find if i get that time alone it's a good time to catch up on the newspaper or a magazine. Zone out and create your new bedroom or bathroom while reading through a better homes magazine, or simply read the local news in the newspaper.
The times this doesn't go to plan is after dh has been to the loo. not good. Even if you are busting you are best to hold on for about an hour after Dh has used the toilet. So if you are looking for peace....go before DH goes lol.

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