Friday, 27 July 2012

How to diffuse a disagreement

Dh and I could have easily had a disagreement which would have ended in complete silence for us both for the night. My biggest issue is being stubborn and holding a grudge.
it all started with a miscommunication. I wanted to eat dinner alone with him tonight (no kids) and he wanted to go to man heaven  bunnings. Only thing is.....he didn't tell me this til I mentioned I needed to go there tomorrow for art wire and got all excited about it then suddenly remembered that he needed something there tonight. Well it's not like I live there like he does so am completely unaware of the opening hours. Who would think that Bunnings in a country town would be open til 9pm on a Friday night?? So the whole time I am thinking he chose bunnings over me   it'll be too disorganised to eat after the kids are asleep so went on my high horse and got the shits and made us all eat together. I realised after going on google what time it shuts and told dh he should've told me that so i wouldn't have got the shits (because he is responsible for my feelings and reactions lol).
This could have went 2 ways....silence for the rest of the night, or just get over it. For me to just get over it isn't easy but it was really a stupid reason to be shitty. Dh was serving dinner from the stove to the plates. I was standing beside him and lifted my top to show my breasts lol. (the kids were not in view) I remember reading somewhere to get naked in the middle of a fight and it is such a silly thing to do that you both forget why you were fighting. I couldn't exactly do that but did what I could knowing kids could walk in any second. It immediately diffused it and we went on to have dinner all together. Dh is now at man heaven  bunnings.

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how do YOU diffuse a disagreement?


  1. LOL! Flashing some boobage is a much better option than holding a grudge. For sure! :)

  2. Haha. I am so using this during our next argument!!


  3. :) great idea...think I may try it

  4. That is hilarious, I have never thought to do that!!! Most of the time though I can't be serious and end up laughing or diffusing it anyway. I'm not good at holding grudges!

  5. I am pretty sure I would be too stubborn to do that but like the idea. Thanks for linking up to Flashback Friday Blogshare.