Friday, 2 March 2012

Stay or Go?

With all the stuff going on with chatterbox right now I just don't want to be here while she is here. 2 days prior to her coming i feel anxious, edgy, pissed off. you name it I feel it. I get snappy at the kids. DH pisses me off with everything...could be as simple as him leaving shoes under the table and chairs and i go off at him.
I don't want dh or chatterbox to ever say she is not welcome here. She has a right to be here as it's her "other" house for when she visit her dad. But...her behaviour is not welcome. there's kids to think of here. very impressionable kids who think the world of her. But while she displays the behaviour she does i don't want them to be around her. I do'tn want them to feel the tension. I dont want them to watch her behaviour. I don't want them to copy her behaviour. I dont' want them to turn out like her.
So do I stay and push through the weekend no matter how stressful? or do i stay at my sister's house seeing as she has offered. I feel calmer thinking about not being here.

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