Wednesday, 27 July 2011


We were at my sisters house briefly and miss 4 of course noticed that cousin b made a crown. It was all on from there. She was devastated that she wasn't staying because it meant she could't make a crown. So over to the shops we went to buy all the things needed to make the best crown ever. Miss 4 was jsut beside herself with excitement as she chose sparkles and butterflies to put on her crown. Lo and behold we then found an actual crown making kit. It was really our day for being in the shop. It was all of $3 for a kit to make 2 crowns. Miss 4 couldn't wait to get home. I set her up at the big table (after laying plastic down first as it's a new table) and she stayed there for a good 3 hours busily making her crowns.

We made the 2 from the box, and I bought some cardboard and i think we made about 3 more over the week. She had so much fun and was very creative. Miss 4 was so proud of her crowns she wore them everywhere...into town, to the chiro, to her aunty's house, and even took them to preschool to show them off. I"m so proud of my miss 4

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