Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Gold Coast...the last full day

I absolutely loved today. It was a real beachy holiday kind of day.
Once bub woke from her morning nap we headed off to the water park As we got closer we could see it was packed full of people. Kids in brightly coloured swimmers ran around everywhere. They all looked the same to be honest. We made a split second decision to scrap the water park and head further to the little beach. It was so so lovely there. The kids had fun building sandcastles with daddy.

Lunch time was near so we headed back and found The Rock Pool cafe where we ordered hot chips . We walked a bit further where we saw a nice shady spot near a play area so sat to eat the chips and the kids had a quick play. I could live like that every day. So carefree.
after bub's lunch sleep we headed back to the water park. The kids had a big play here for the whole afternoon. On the way home we spoilt the kids and walked to mcdonald's for them to have dinner. It was bath and bed as soon as we got home however.
Dh and i spoilt ourselves having pizza and pasta for dinner tonight after the kids went to sleep.

More Gold Coast...Sea World

Yep, we had to do the tourist thing. Cost a fortune but it was worth it. After driving as far as we did to the Gold Coast we couldn't not do Sea World.
The kids were so so excited. I was unsure what to expect but decided to let the day flow by itself and to nto stress about money, food etc. The first place we entered was the penguin enclosure....

After this the first show we watched was the seal show. We sat a bit far away so i'm not sure if the kids realy understood what was going on but they laughed when i did lol.  From here we went to watch the Sesame St show at Sesame St beach. Have to admit it was as excting for me as for the kids. I could feel their excitiement and i loved that.
At Sesame St beach there were rides jsut for kids and a water play area. The first ride was an aeroplane which dh went into with the kids. Bub was too little so staye dwith me. the joy on their faces while flying around was priceless. We went on to have some yummy food, which i thought would be largely over priced but to be honest it wasn't.
The best part about this was the cups that we still have today and are used over and over again.
We walked around more and saw more exhibits. EVERYTHING was fascinating for the children. The last place we entered was like a pirate place where there were boats in water and the aim was for people on the boats to get the people outside watching as wet as possible. some people got absolutely drenched.

The kids thought it was hilarious how drenched I got from them and daddy. so much. fun.
To get back to the start of sea world we caught the monorail. such a huge adventure for the kids. Then to actually get out of sea world you had to go through the gift shop. what a way to make you spend money. We got the kids 2 little squirty guns ...a whale and a dolphin which of course they fought over which one to have. ...and to this day have not used lol.
Once back at the unit we had a quick dip in the spa followed by dinner and an early night for the kids.