Wednesday, 6 July 2011

So much to do before my baby girl turns 1

You know when you feel like you have heaps do to and it all seems mushy in your head, well that's how i feel right now. Bub's turns 1 on Friday and I'm totally not prepared. I was pregnant with the next baby when Miss4 turned 1, and when Little man turned 1, so i wasn't in so much denial. Bub is our last one and it's just gone so quick. I've tried to hold on to so much of her babyness so kind of ignored her turning 1. I knew I was going to buy her a doll for her 1st birthday but didn't go and do it thinking it will be easy. But no, I had a look at the shop on Saturday and they are yucky dolls. So a friend introduced me to online shopping.
She found this for me. sooo adorable but a tad out of our price range and I wasn't sure it would arrive before bub birthday. Then I thought, well ebay mail pretty quickly, so had a look on there and found...
GORGEOUS RAG DOLL. I also wanted to get some puzzles for her, in hind sight I should've bought more than 1, but was tired and didn't really know what i wanted. I found a gorgeous puzzle on ebay for her.PUZZLE. So i bought them, paid for them then saw that delivery was between 8th adn 15th July. Oh crap, that's after her birthday. I couldn't have her birthday day with no presents for her at all. Now i'll have to buy her something at the shops still anyway. Still praying for a miracle the other ones arrive before her birthday.

So I also have to sort her cakes out. There were many cakes i did want for her...(as above) and was going to pay to have one made...until i got the quotes and nearly fell off my chair. So I went on the adventure to make one myself.
My first effort was crap. used the wrong icing. Second effort not too bad but the almond icing was a bit too flavoursome. Third effort was very good so hopefully i can pull it off. I do however need to bake 3 cakes, colour the icing, and go to spotlight to buy cake decoration wire stuff. I've finished her first year scrap book but need plastic sleeves to put the pages in to so people at her party can look through it.
So then I also need to think about (and buy) food for the party, plates, balloons etc. What on earth was I thinking when i invited sooooo many people lol!!
Grandma and Poppy (dh's parents) arrive today so hopefully they will take the kids tomorrow and I'll get stuff done. After putting it in writing though there doesn't seem to be that much to get done.

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  1. I hope you are able to get everything done in time. I can't believe she's one already - wow!!!
    Luv Donna