Thursday, 14 July 2011

hubby brag

i can't not post this as i think I often forget how lucky I am.
My dh .......
* takes the rubbish out every week, he never makes me do it.
* was going to make himself a coffee, I said I think you should make a hot chocolate for us. Then i quickly said, no only joking you don't have to (cos i felt bad) ....but he did
* takes it in turns toc lean the kitchen after dinner and never complains or sits on the lounge
* always offers my friends a cup of coffee when they're here
* changes poo bums
* often gets out of bed before me (but I've usually been up 3 times in the night in my defense)
* lets me have a spaz attack but doesn't hate me eternally after it (I'm known to hold grudges)
* renovates our house to make it look 200% better
* watches desperate housewives and home and away with me
* lets the kids help him do jobs
* doesn't go out every weekend to get on the piss, actually he rarely goes out
* understands most of my jokes lol

so i just felt I had to do that to remind myself that no matter how annoyed I may get at times with him, or him with me, he's the best hubby!!xoxo

PS he hasn't even read this blog yet, so this is not for his benefit or sucking up or anything

1 comment:

  1. Love the list. I mentally do that often -make a list of all the good things Kieran does as he really is a really great hubby. Yay for great hubby's!!
    Luv Donna