Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lunch with Hubby

Dh had the day off yesterday. We rarely get to spend time together,alone. So I suggested we dump 2 kids on my sister, the other one was at preschool. I take the kids to my sister while Dh did some jobs he needed to do and he would meet me there and pick me up, kind of like a real date.
He picks me up as discussed and rattles a name of a pub off to go there. I turn my nose up as I had been there once before and well none of it was nice to be honest. I suggest a stylish takeaway only down the road, i was really looking forward to a deliciously made sandwich. He turns his nose up. I suggest another place and he agrees, so we head over to there. Drive in and barely a car in sight. We figure it must be closed so drive away. Dh thinks of another place further up the road, another pub, and although i wanted to turn my nose up i didn't. Pull up, see some people there, so we get out and head to the bistro....to be welcomed with a sign tha says BISTRO CLOSED. Have a chuckle and head back to the car. Bugger, now where. Drive along and see another pub, neither of us had been there, sign out the front says counter lunches so at least we know it's open.
walk inside and it's something I've not seen before. I felt I'd stepped back in time. There's a little girl about 4 years old riding around the tables on a metal tricycle, dodging chairs. The dining chairs are all different types...some wooden, some plastic, some metal, some padded, a few bar stools too. Add to that mismatched tables. A couple joined together to make a long table however they are different heights and totally different tables. We ponder over the menu and order, I decide on a chicken burger, Dh has an Oasis burger. After getting drinks we sit down to wait for our meal. We are the only people eating there. Our meals arrive. The chips were delicious!! The burger...hmmm. When I wanted a sandwich nothing else tasted good enough. The actual burger itself was cold, but the chicken (crumbed chicken) was hot. I do prefer iceberg lettuce on burgers but instead it was fancy lettuce. I eye off dh's burger and start to feel jealous as he always ends up ordering the better meal. We swap and both agree that for a change i ordered the better meal. I felt weird there, really didn't belong. It felt dirty and old. The most up to date thing was the chairs i noticed in the pokie area.
So, the time with dh was enjoyable and much needed, just hope we choose a better place next time.

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