Friday, 1 July 2011

One of those days

Each morning starts with a good morning text between my sister and I. This morning i noticed there was another text in my inbox though. It was from netbank, to give me a security code for allowing the transfer of money to an account. Alarm bells start to ring as at the top of the text is the word "SUSPICIOUS". I'm freaking out thinking someone is trying to get my money but i had no idea how as Dh had my bank card. Meanwhile Dh rang to get my pin so he could withdraw money to buy his laptop. He couldn't withdraw a big lump sum from his card so put some money into my account to then withdraw off my card also. As I tell him my pin he punches it in on the ATM next thing he tells me the machine took the card!!I wasn't happy and started freaking. Dh says oh man now that's really buggered me up for my computer. wtf??!! buggered him up, what about me, someone might be accessing my account without me knowing. arrrgghh. I get onto the bank straight away to try and sort this out. The lady couldn't explain why the machine ate my card so she put a stop to the card. But instead she stopped the bills card(our joint account), so now i couldn't even use that card. She was able to link all accounts onto my credit card which was great, except we can't use it until 24hours. talked to another lady about the netbank incident and it appears someone wrote their own number in wrongly which turned out to be the same as my number so therefore i received their security code. So in other words...totally nothing to worry about but now i have no access to my cards today!
The morning got better except that for the 3rd time my passionfruit slice didn't work. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but it's really annoying.
It was pink slip day for the car today so I pack the kids into the car and head down town to where i thought the mechanic was(well that's where he was last year). Couldn't find it! So I park the car near where it used to be and go and ask somebody where is it. The man told me the boat shop in a street. I ring my sister and tell her to meet me there. I drive past it and was absolutely clueless as to where the mechanic was supposed to be. Ring my sister again and get her to meet me back at home where I could find the number of the mechanic and find where he is. So he is at the boat shop, but not the boat shop where the other man said. No wonder i couldn't find him. My sister was waiting on the street in her car then followed us there.
From there we went to the shopping center and got some food to feed the 4 kiddies. They thought it was so much fun and were so well behaved.
I had to physically go into a bank to withdraw the money to give to dh for his computer. I had to laugh to myself as I thought you still had to fill out withdrawal slips and hand it in over the counter. Lucky for me i didn't say anything otherwise they would've thought i was from the dark ages lol. It was all easily done. Dh met me at my sisters house at lunch to pick me up and get the money and he took me to pick up my car. On my way home he rang to tell me the computer he wanted was sold!! lol. how ironic, all that running around for the money and he didn't even need it in the end.

The one thing i'll remember about today is miss 4's thoughtfulness. As i was on the phone to the bank earlier on she was on the toilet. She finished her business but carried the little bin out with her. I quietly told her to put it back as it has germs. But she insisted she wanted to empty it out so i allowed her. Next thing she was putting a new garbage bag n the little toilet bin and put the bin back in it's rightful spot. How she knew to do all that threw me and it was just so sweet. I gave her a big kiss and cuddle to thank her for her thoughtfulness.

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  1. It certainly was a big day for you but you got through the morning and its always nice to spend time together no matter what it is we're doing xx