Thursday, 25 August 2011

writers workshop-top 10 reasons why I'm glad I'm done with school

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I chose top 10 reasons why I'm done with school

#1 Can do away with the ugly hessian bags our mother used to make us get because they were cheaper. I hated them and felt even more reject by having one. The best bit about it was you could write all over them, other than that...damn ugly. By yr 11 I was able to buy a normal bag but the damage was already done

#2 Not having to worry about answering questions in class and having the whole class look at you as you slowly go redder and redder then wonder why on earth did you even answer that question when you knew that talking out loud in class would embarrass the hell out of you

#3 I don't have to study anything i find useless. Algebra...never used it, Pythagoras theory...never used it, stunk too much in the classroom to even want to concentrate.

#4 I hated catching the bus and thinking everyone was talking about or looking at me. Either paranoid or up myself I guess but i had such low self esteem I honestly thought people were laughing about me whenever i heard anyone laugh.

#5 I don't worry now about whether I fit in or not. It's such a big thing to fit in to the right group, and even then you still have to keep to a standard. I never fitted in anywhere really. I flitted from group to group never feeling totally comfortable in any one group. One group in particular I really didn't fit in too. One girl even said I was different to them because I didn't talk about the same stuff as them, and didn't go to party's etc. I tried hard to be cool like them but knew i wasn't. Unfortunately I have to see them all over again as their kids start school with Miss 4 next year. As for fitting in.....I don't care now, I make friends easily and I feel comfortable with the friends I have.

#6 I was always the shy quiet one who never spoke out of place, never spoke my mind. Therefore kept alot of things to myself, kept myself to myself, and people never then got to know the real me. I wish I was then who I am now as I'm not afraid to speak up.

#7 The anxiety I had (and think I still carry) from turning up to school each day and hoping my friends would be sitting in the same place and that I would be able to find them.  Of course I don't worry about that now but i do have anxiety and control issues today lol

#8 Not having to attend sports carnivals. For a non sporting person they are pretty boring. Why can't schools have music carnivals instead

#9 I hated the in between weather lol, as I worried would I get too hot or cold and didn't know whether to wear summer or winter uniform, jumper or not jumper

#10 Working your butt off to do the HSC and realise you don't even need it all the time. As one teacher said and I'll never forget...the hsc is like a sneeze in nature

So there, that's why I'm glad I'm out of school. I hated school, hated the whole conformity thing etc. If only I knew then what i Know now, that once you leave school it's a whole new world, one where you can be yourself.


  1. If given the choice of being Homeschooled or Public Schooled, would you have chosen to be schooled at home now that you've gone through the horrors of having gone through the public school system? I worry about this all the time with my own children as my experience was very similar to your own.

  2. #8, hear hear! :)

    I had many good experiences in school, but even so, whenever someone told me in HS that "these are the best days of your life," I wanted to throw something at them. But no one will listen to you when you're 17 and say you know better. Ordinarily that's appropriate, b/c what 17-year-old DOES know better than the adult? But in this case, now I can say to those adults: Hello, you were officially DELUSIONAL!

  3. "(...) once you leave school it's a whole new world, one where you can be yourself."

    So true! I hated school for many of the same reasons. It was even harder when we moved to a different state in the middle of my junior year. I had a grand total of 1 friend. But at least I had 1, right?

    (Visiting from Mama Kat's)

  4. supahmama...i really don't know. if it were my um homeschooling me then definately the public system. I worry for my kids who will start school and how they'll go. I've alraedy told dh that if miss 4 has a bad experience then i'll pull her out

  5. you made me anxious just reading this. I totally remember hoping, sweating, squinting to find my friends in the lunch room. I still get queazy walking into a bar to meet people. cheers, wb

  6. Wow Steff, I didn't know that school was so yucky for you :(
    I'm glad that you feel you can be yourself now!! I love who you are and wish I could see you more :)
    Luv Donna