Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Germs, I'm over them

I"m really getting annoyed with the amount of sickness in the house. When miss 4 was a baby she rarely got sick, hasn't even encountered an ear infection(knock on wood). She had reflux but that was all. and eczema but that's not a germ. Even now she is rarely sick thank God.

Little man had his first ear infection at 13months. Was the most frightening time because the dr was from a NESB so we barely understood each other. Not to mention she was running 45minutes late and little man missed his dose of panadol so was burning hot. She sent me straight to hospital thinking it was a severe virus and we'd need to stay overnight. The dr up there looked in his ear, wrote  script for anti biotics and sent us on our way. He's had the occasional cold and vomiting bug but neither miss 4 or little man were one of those kids that are always sick. He did have another ear infection 2 weeks ago but wasn't that sick. it actually took us a week to realise what it was.
As for bub!!Roller coaster ride with her, dr after dr, after specialist, chiro, you name it!I knew something was up with her but dr's kept fobbing it off. She constantly had a runny nose, struggled to breathe at times. They;d tell me all different things and i kept saying milk allergy (not that that's a germ i know lol). But she was then constantly sick and unsettled. She's already had 2 lots of anti biotics before she was even 1 yr old. Keep having to cancel play dates with friends because she's sick. Miss going to church because she's sick. Warn anyone she has a runny nose....again. Half the time i don't know if it's allergy related or not as she has been diagnosed as a hayfever sufferer. We have a dyson now, and I vacuum alot more than what i used least every second day as opposed to every second week. So hopefully that clears the dust mites. I dont' mop as often as i should. Maybe that's why she's sick. Bub had her 12 month immunisations last week and has been flu like ever since. Her eyes are watery and conjunctivitisy. This morning she had such awful eyes she couldn't see where she was going and ran into a wall. Have had to cancel catching up with a friend and her girls due to bub being sick...again. She has a yucky cough, runny thick snot, hardly sleeping. Thing is i don't think she needs a dr yet, but if she goes down hill today we'll need one tomorrow but the dr who is on tomorrow is not very nice.
Lots of handwashing is needed and a few cans of glen 20 me thinks!!

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