Saturday, 22 September 2012

the blog post when i can't think of a blog post

It's been one of those weeks. So much happens but it's just too much too write. There's numerous things i could post about really.
I could post about bub starting day care. I was as nervous as anything. The evening prior to her starting I was too nervous I did everything else BUT pack her bag. I didn't want to think about my last one going to day care even though i knew she needs it. Come drop off time and there's 2 other newbies that day. So 3 new toddlers starting day care on one day. It was LOUD. So LOUD. Kids screaming. I picked my moment to leave and off i went trying not to run back and scoop her up. I did pick her up at lunch time however and the look on her face was priceless. She was so excited to come home. Overall her day was good.

I could write about that I am loving that people are finally noticing that I am losing weight. It's 7kg in total now. The best part is I tried my size 10 jeans on last night. Yes they are slightly stretched but the thing is i can put them on and not feel like they are plastered to my legs. And I can do all buttons up, not use a rubber band to keep the top button together. AMAZING! I was at a point where I was going to throw the jeans out. I am so glad I didn't.. I hate buying jeans. Took me years to even feel confident enough to buy my first pair.

Or I could write about Little man and how well he is going at his preschool. His teachers told me he is above average for his age. I knew he was but it was good to have it confirmed. He is such a thinker and retains information like you wouldn't believe. He sets a goal for himself and doesn't give up. Which can be a good thing or a bad thing. At the moment he has his heart set on buying a crane. not a toy one...a real one. He has money saved to catch a train to Sydney with dh and money saved to buy a crane . He reckons he'll sit it in the front yard. Don't know how we'll combat this one.

I could even write about poor miss s and our dr visit. She had been sick on and off for a few weeks. Then she developed an awful cough. One of those coughs that every one says their children have. She started getting upset about it and I thought enough is enough and took her to the dr. Lo and behold....asthma. So we were sent on our merry way with a script for a preventer. Within 2 days there was a notable difference. I feel so bad I didn't get to the dr sooner.

Normally I would write about chatterbox running away and the grief she has caused. But in all honesty it's the same old and I just hope we get get her to stop. After her attempt to jump out her bedroom window we've screwed the screens on and also Screwed a screw in the window frame so the window can only be opened a little bit.

But instead I will write about the mouse in the vacuum. It was so gross. I never suspected a thing until I turned the vacuum on and heard something get sucked up into the barrel of the dyson. I was thinking a piece of paper must have been stuck in there from last time. So i keep going. Peering down at the barrel I notice a big piece of fluff spinning around in the barrel. I knew straight away though it wasn't fluff. Turn it off immediately and scream my girly scream the minute I realise it is a mouse. It was dead still. All the kids including chatterbox come running. There;s the mouse , still as anything just sitting there in the barrel. It's little heart was beating hard. You could see it beating. I didn't know what to do so just quickly carried the vacuum cleaner outside thinking dh can deal with it when he gets home. After a little while we have another look and it disappeared. I get curious and undo it. Not mouse still. Then miss s see's it run past. The dog pounced on it and grabbed it ....the rest is history.

What do you think of mice??

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Friday, 14 September 2012

Thankful for near misses

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In the last month my son has had 2 pretty big accidents. If they had that law in about charging parents for too many accidents I would have been charged i reckon. What a silly law. I see that it may help some children who are being abused , but in all honesty do abusive parents take their kids to the ED? Or do they do so only because they feel such guilt? And i get that the hospital have to question everything when it comes to a child who can not speak for themselves. It is just sad to think that innocent people out there can fall victim to being investigated simply because their child is either 1. accident prone or 2. a dare devil and tries everything and anything.

back to little man....
A month ago he was riding on his scooter. Like he does every single day. I am talking a 2 wheeler razor scooter. And boy does he go fast. He zooms down the path in our back yard, then doonk doonk doonk down our 3 flat steps, and turns quick so he doesn't run into the back door. This day however he didn't even make it down the path and he came off the scooter. HE fell sideways and the tiny end of the screw got him, in his face. Only a few centimetres away from his eye it was. Could have lost his eye. Poor little man. It was awful.
He got straight back up though. It totally doesn't phase him. He is such a determined little man. Has his mind set on something and is so focused to do it he won't let anything get in his way.

Then today...accident number two. Him and his best mate (his cousin) were playing. Little man took something and his cousin grabbed it back and pushed him. Just what boys do. Except unfortunately for little man a table was in his way. You guessed it...he went smack right into the table and split open his cheek. I freaked. My sister came running to help and was very calm in it all. Me...not so calm. It looked so so bad. I honestly thought he;d need stitches. I asked her to stay and sit with bub while i ducked down to the chemist to ask their advice, as I didn't want to sit for 10 hours in emergency to be told nothing could be done. We jumped in the car, ice pack and all. Lucky the chemist is only a block away. The verdict....just a plain old bandaid would do. Wasn't deep enough to need stitches. A butterfly strip would prevent him shutting his eye. So just a bandaid. Poor bugger. It looks bad. And again, it just missed his eye. 2nd time lucky, 2nd time thankful.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Guess how much I love you

They are my world, my everything. Is it because I invest so much in them that I feel they can take so much from my, physically, mentally, emotionally.
I stress about everything...are they eating ok, are they having too much crappy food, should I be more consistent, how much do you let them get away with, am I cuddling them enough, how is miss s going at school...the list is endless and I am sure anyone could add at least 10 or more points to it.

Some days are hard and you just want to run. You wonder why you bother some days. I sometimes worry I am not maternal enough or connected enough to my children because I have that desire to escape and I can only think of the freedom, being stress free. No yelling at kids because you asked them 5 times to get dressed. Not having to run after bub with the wipes because she poo'd in her nappy , took it off to show you and then ran away with remains on her bum. Not packing lunches every day for school to have most of it brought home because they didn't like it, even though it's food they normally eat every day at home. When I drive I wonder what it is like to just keep on driving. What would happen. Where would I go. Would I feel guilty. At the time i don't. The time I had the thought I don't because I had just spent the morning getting bub off the kitchen benches for the umpteenth time and stopped the other 2 chasing each other and fighting all morning whilst also trying to tidy up after breakfast, get lunches ready and put away clothes.
But the minute I hear a little one cry in fear or pain I know I have that mother instinct because my heart sinks and I want to take their pain away. The tears of joy I had in my eyes when miss s wrote mum for the first time, i knew I had the mother instinct. The fear i feel when for a split second  I can't see my child (because he somehow climbed on your roof) or because they are so short I can not see them getting off the bus and think they are lost, I know how much I love them. The way my heart melts when bub says "mummy, lay me" and pats her bed in the middle of the night because she wants me to lay with her then snuggles right in.

I guess we all need a break at times but I know I love my kids because my heart would feel empty without them.
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Wednesday, 5 September 2012