Thursday, 14 July 2011

Bub turned 1

Ragdolls 33cm- MandieWake up at 11:50am Thursday night as bub wanted her bottle. This went til about 12:10am Friday morning. So i think myself lucky i was able to hold her while she went form 0 - 1 year old. silly i know. Wake up the next morning and i m busting to give her her present of a doll.
It was hilarious to watch her. She took the present and made a run for it....with the paper still on. We tried to help her open it but she kept running, finally we got the paper off and she was able to give her dolly a cuddle. We decided to give her the other presents later after dh got home from work. 
The day was spent with her aunty, cousins, grandma and poppy...and me and siblings of course.  
We shared pizza that night, and bub had her very first piece of pizza which she really seemed to enjoy.
During the day i spent 3 hours icing her cake. I was going to have one made but the price of between $80-$120 really put me off. We didn't even pay that much for our wedding cake. So i attempted it myself, and must say I'm actually really pleased with the result. I did a couple practice runs with the icing beforehand.

Come Saturday and it's party day. I went a bit overboard to celebrate but i don't really care. She 's our last one and i still think if things were different we'd never know her. There were many people in her life already that i felt should be here to help us celebrate. So i decided to hire out out church's hall so we didn't have all those people at our the end it was 52 total. So glad it wasn't at our house lol !! chatterbox and a friend from Sydney helped me set up the hall that day before the party. Bub of course had no idea what was going on but i think and hope she had fun. i know i did. Everyone liked the cake..phew!! I was worried we wouldn't have enough cake so MIL(mother in law) bought a couple from the cheese cake shop. When dh and I arrived at the hall we realised we forgot those cakes so he went to get them. As it turned out i cut the other cake up in small pieces and in the end we didn't need any extra cake. oh well, more for us for later. Once the cake was done people gradually left and we cleaned up then also left. After all the kids were put to bed we unwrapped all her presents. She was very very spoilt i must say. All in all it was a greeeeaaaat day!

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