Monday, 18 July 2011

why is my little man so angry

Little man was the envy of all parents. He jsut cruised along and nothing would phase him ever. To go down town he'd just sit in the pram and you wouldn't hear a word out of him. He'd always play nicely, never yell or scream. He was extremely mischieveous and busy, getting into everything as he was so inquisitive, but he was never angry, and irritated. Over the last year, pretty much since he was 2.5years old, he's become more angry and just irritable really. Getting dressed is a fight because the pants we chose are wrong, or it's the wrong top...whatever the case it's a fight about something. If he wants something he yells for it angrily, never asks nicely until we prompt him at least 3 times. when he trips over something he yells at the person nearby and hits them and says they are naughty. Tantrums i guess are normal but i don't like when he lays down kicking doors and walls. He throws things out of anger, meaning he'll throw them harder so it will hurt more to who he is throwing them at.

at my wits end and chatted to a friend about maybe he is tired so was thinking to increase his iron as he doens't have alot during the day. She suggested eliminate dairy, seeing as his nose is quite stuffy anyway and also that he was lactose intolerant as a baby. Now I've done the dairy elimination with miss 4 for her eczema so i know what's involved. Good luck to us!!

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