Sunday, 22 July 2012

things i know

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I went out to dinner last night with some lady friends (actually mothers of my daughters friends lol).

I know that i had a great time and lots of laughs. I actually laughed really loud at one point and don't know if the rest of the restaurant heard me lol

I know that I left there feeling very satisfied for sticking to my eating plan and not walking away regretting that I ate too much.

This may sound a bit judgemental but I know that if DH wasn't home and I didn't have an adult baby sitter there is no way I would leave my kids at home with a 14 year old. One of the mum's did this. Her choice I know. But...the 14 year old was in charge of 3 of this mums kids and 2 friends of the mum's eldest daughter (10). In the area they live there are a FEW break ins or cars being stolen nearly every night. Huuuge responsibility. The daughter kept ringing the mum saying she is scared and can the mum please come home. The mum told her it was the wind and to not be silly. I know I judged her for that but again her choice. I am glad the kids are safe.

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