Monday, 9 July 2012

feeling betrayed

haven't blogged for a while as just simply run out of time and energy but am goign to try and start again. unfortunately my first post back is a bit negative. i didn't want it to be but it's what is bothering me at the moment. will also be posting this to flash blog friday
dh gave up smoking, cold turkey, 4.5years ago. i was so proud of him. until.....i find a cigarette lighter in the washing machine. it had fallen out of his pocket in the wash cycle (no i don't check pockets). I question him and he reckons it was in his ute so he finally cleaned it out and that ended up in his pocket. hmmm. seemed ok so i forgot all about it.
then.....i close up his ute on saturday night and the strong smell of cigerette smoke residue could be smelt. his whole ute stunk. doesn't usually at all, ever. so i go in and confront him asking him to be honest straight up. he keeps denying until i say i will ask his mates at his work. then he gives in and tells me he had a few puffs at work on friday afternoon just to get one of the workers off his back as theis worker has been bugging him for ages about smoking. i was so angry. how could he do that. not only smoke, but lied right in my face. he is 45!! old enough to not worry abotu peer pressure i would think.
since then everything he does pisses me off. everything he does is wrong. i can't trust him. i don't even know to believe him or not.
has your dh ever done something like this??

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