Sunday, 29 July 2012

having a giggle at a younger me

I was looking for something in my bag of special things (we all keep a bag with stuff special to us right?)Mine goes as far back as the day I was born. i was surprised to find I was only just over 6pd. None of my kids have been that small!!
I came across my very first school photo, so we're going back to 1981. I think I was such a cute little girl . I don't normally put photos of my face on here but I hardly think anyone will know who I am with this face.

I look a bit further through my bag of stuff and find report cards!! I thought they were all lost. Had to laugh at the one from when I was in year 2. I will NEVER forget this incident.

My teacher was Miss Fitzgerald. She was very young. I was what you would call the brown noser teachers pet. i was always picked to do everything for her. She always let me do things first. I could do no wrong. Until.....

The report card says "(insert my name here) general behaviour is pleasing (and improved). We have had problems with (insert my name) re rights of others and rules of the classroom but we have come to a good understanding now I am pleased to say....

So the actual story to this was that there was a new girl in the class. Because I was the teachers pet I assumed I would never get busted and thought everything I did was right. WRONG! While we were sitting on the mat listening to the teacher explain something to us I thought it was great timing to show the new girl where to put her stencils when she was finished with them. Even got as far as getting up off the mat to show her. Ultimate FAIL. I was publicly humiliated then and there. I tried to tell her what I was doing but I just couldn't get out the right words and I think I may have even said something rude to her. Miss Fitzgerald banned me from going to violin lessons that day. I was devastated. Not only had I almost lost my position as teachers pet, I also had to then tell mum I was in trouble and couldn't have my lesson. ...
Thankfully it turned out well (hence the comment that we came to a good understanding). i apologised to her and we hugged and went on from where we left off. I was the brown noser teachers pet once again.

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  1. haha I think I have a report like that from year two as well. Exceot i wasn't the teachers pet, but I was apparently "self righteous" but had thankfully "become LESS self righteous lately"
    Oh phew.

    Teachers in those days could write the honest truth! These days you have to read betwen the lines to figure out if your kid is the class clown... x

  2. that's so true. i remember as a chld care worker we had to do checklists and write a summary about the child. i couldn't be honest ever. instead of writing your child is full on and really a handful who picks on all the other kids and never listens i had to write so and so likes to keep busy with activities. he is learning to interact with other children in a positive manner. he gets very busy at an activity and may miss what has been said...etc

  3. hehe I have just started my daughter in daycare.. time to find that special box to keep all her things in.. like my mum did for me!

  4. I have a bad memory of my childhood. For some reason I just can't remember full stories like that. the report cards these days are so repetitive. I notice it between my older twos report cards. They say the almost exact same things its written from a computer generated program.

  5. I was always a brown nose too! Geek through and through. I hope my kids are the same - the alternative (of them taking after their father who was ALWAYS in trouble) doesn't even bare thinking about!

  6. That is a lovely story :) Thanks for sharing a little piece of you. I was always a quiet day dreamer. Rachel x

  7. Ha ha!
    I had a giggle when my daughters report card in year one, mirrored what my report card in year one said. It was even the same teacher!
    I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree