Tuesday, 17 July 2012

3rd day

So I have survived 3 days of the diet. Well it's not really a diet as I plan to continue like this.
For anyone interested it is an app on your phone, or can do it on the computer, called

My Fitness Pal. Tracks your calorie intake and exercise etc.
I find it keep me accountable and more aware of what I am eating. ....and shouldn't be eating. I thought we didn't eat too bad but once I started this I am almost ashamed at how unhealthy i was eating. Also my food habits were pretty bad too. I would grab whatever i saw first...usually chocolate or something similar because it was quick to eat. But now I am excited to eat and plan ahead and know that by actually eating I may even lose weight.
Have felt a little hungry but am sure my body will adjust. It's a nice feeling though to know I am hungry which means I haven't just constantly eaten all day to then not know what hungry feels like.

so continue watching here to see how the weightloss progresses. I apparently have to do a weigh in on saturday. Am thinking to take photos too so I can see the progress.

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