Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thankful Thursday

Linking up today with kate says stuff for Thankful Thursday and First day of my life

Today was a tiring day, I had a very energetic inquisitive 4yr old boy. All he wants is a tech deck skateboard ramp toy for k mart. I am not the type of parent to just go and buy a toy so i give him little jobs to do so earn it. only thing is he whinges about EVERY job that it is too hard. anyway, today just felt draining because he asked and asked for it and asked and asked every question under the sun.

so today i am thankful for..

the fact that at least my son can talk, and talk well at that

that i can communicate with my son

also thankful for tap dance lessons. Miss s started today, her first every class. Miss s was inspired by a band called the Perch Creek family jug band. After watching them a few times she kept trying herself. Finally classes opened this week for tap. She was so excited as 2 of her school friends have joined her. She can't wait to go again next week.

I tried uploading a you tube video of one of the jugband members tap dancing but it won't let me. google for yourself, you'll love it!!


  1. I never fully appreciated speech until I had a child who struggles so much with it. I'm so glad you're able to embrace the joy of it (even when it might be driving you nuts ;)).

  2. it was the only way i could look at it without being negative lol. i think my 2 yr old will be the same. she copies everything you say clear as day. and uses it in context later. lik eif i told my son to go to sleep one night she'd hear and copy. then the next night say those exact words at the right time lol

  3. I think the same thing when my chatterbox gets going, that at least he can talk well. I guess then I'm thankful that I can always find a positive side :-)

  4. Hi pretty :)

    Sorry it took me so long to visit...hope you've been having a beautiful weekend :) Thanks for joining in on First Day of My Life's Thankful Thursday <3

    Tap..yay! I took tap as a kid - I loved it..absolutely!!

    I am also happy, like Kate, that you're able to embrace the speech :)