Friday, 13 July 2012

i know i won't sleep anytime soon

Things I know this week are....

I will wake up in a different bed then i went to sleep in most days

Raincoats and gumboots are terrific for rainy days

sausage rolls repeat on me

if we had a bigger bedroom to combine all the beds i might get more sleep

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  1. Maybe you need a giant mattress on the floor to fit everyone on?

    And eeek! about the sausage rolls...

    Thanks for linking up with Things I Know this week :)

  2. Sleep depravation doesn't last ... I know have to try and drag my seven year old out of bed for school each day ... and I know this will only get worse as she gets older. (She sometimes sleeps in my bed though - and like when she was a little tot, i still don't get any sleep those nights).