Sunday, 12 August 2012

things I know

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If you read a fw post below you'll see we've had a shit week as a family and struggling with being a blended family.
Tonight chatterbox is meant to (according to court orders) go back to her mothers tonight. Her mother however is trying to get revenge on my dh for parenting chatterbox different to how she would this weekend so told him she is not picking her up. Dh went around there and tried to talk to her but she literally shut the door on chatterbox's and dh's face.
What I know is....
I could not do that to my own child

to seek revenge on someone else should NOT involve the children you had between you, that is just wrong

On another note....a friend did gel nails for me for free yesterday. I haven't had long nails since years.  I know that....

it is harder to type quickly with long nails

it's a bit challenging pushing the 5 point harness seat belt buckle in

they look very pretty and i feel elegant lol

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