Sunday, 19 August 2012

windows of happiness

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I wrote last week saying i would do a post each week about my kids. This week has been hectic. Not in a bad way. Just busy.
Miss S had her first real sick days from school last Thursday and Friday. I got up in the early hours on Thursday morning aroudn 2am to get a bottle for bub. Saw a tiny bundle all curled up on the lounge, and there was miss s. I immediately sat with her despite a baby screaming for her bottle, and asked what was wrong. She told me her tummy hurt and she couldn't walk all the way to our bedroom. My heart jsut broke hearing her say that. How long had she been there for ?? I got dh up to help miss s to our room so I could look after bub. I spent the rest of the night cuddling up to miss s, hoping she would be ok. She ended up having two days off school as was still weak on Friday. We had pizza on Friday night which she did not eat. So unlike miss s not to eat. She was well enough for her soccer game on Saturday and even scored a goal!!

Little man has had a busy time up in the cubby house. He got dh to put wire up around the cubby house like a construction site and has been bringing tools and wood etc up there. It was adorable to watch. He had his mind set on something and jsut kept going. I bought him some little fire trucks today. He took them to bed with him. I love how he takes a favourite or new toy to bed with him. He always takes his "raffie" (a soft giraffe toy) no matter what. This week he started something called little ninja's. It's where little kids can go to learn skills like self defence, etc. I hope he goes back as he really enjoyed it.Last sunday he lost his dummy. Gone! He was devastated so I used that as my opportunity to get rid of it. In return he got a vulcan nerf gun. He is chuffed with it!!

Bub...well, she is as full on as ever. But we love her to bits. The photo is one of her attempting to find a rafferty's garden fruit bar. I used to keep them in that cupboard until she could reach them herself.
yes she used the bottom drawer that is open, to climb up onto the bench to look in the cupboard for a fruit bar. The cutest thing is that she calls her little flipout lounge her "loungeroom". Cracks me up. Everything she does is adorable(except for the 2yr old tantrum).

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  1. What three adorable children you have. I'm glad to hear your Miss 5 is on the mend. Reading that she was too sick to walk to your bedroom broke my heart! Poor little Miss! And your bubba is a real character. Imagine climbing all the way up to that top cupboard! Thanks for linking up, Fi xx

  2. Oh, poor Miss 5. I hate when little ones are sick, it makes you feel so helpless. On a happier note, litte man no dummy. Woot! :)

  3. Poor Miss S indeed :(
    Such a sweet age (bar the tantrums of course!)