Thursday, 2 August 2012

was it from God

We go to church most Sundays. We're in a connect group where we catch up with other people from our church regularly. We talk about what was preached at church with each other.
But...we don't pray with each other, we don't really read any bible stories to the kids, and even though we discuss church etc dh and I never really discuss God very much.
So..we find out this week that chatterbox is definitely moving with her mum for 12 mths to the big smoke (which is about 5 hours away from here). We knew it was on the cards. Is it a good thing or not due to all the trouble we've had lately. Then I thought maybe it was our chance to suggest having her live here full time to give her stability. I was open to it despite what has happened if it meant getting her back on track.
Now being not a great prayer as I am not a very good Christian i shot a prayer up to God basically asking do we or don't we take her on.

A few days later my sister and I are doing our wii zumba in my loungeroom. We are not very co-ordinated at all but try to keep up and have heaps of fun. We would never ever do it in public for fear of humiliation. And today we were nearly busted. An unfamiliar red car pulled into my driveway. Quick as a flash we paused the game and acted as though we were just hanging around.
The red car belongs to a lady from church. A lovely lady who noticed Dh and I haven't been for the last 4 weeks and came to check we were ok. I felt a bit awkward but was flattered she cared enough to check us. I explained a little of what was going on and the decisions we were faced with. Just like that she said think of my current little family. Protect them. Focus on them. be the mum I can be to them without added pressure for a while. I swear she was sent from God today. Some things she pointed out i had not thought of.
Sad as it is (for chatterbox's sake) I am looking forward to the thought of having (hopefully) 12 months of a little less stress.
I just Poured my heart out , flogged my blog and flashed my blog and TGIF


  1. Wise words I think!! Especially as your precious other kidlets are still so little. I hope these next 12 months are peaceful!! And do you like the zumba? Is it good? Luv Donna

    1. zumba is fun. not something i would do in public though

  2. How wonderful of that woman to stop by!

  3. Definitely more than coincidence that the lady dropped by and ended up offering you words of encouragement and advice.

  4. Yes I think it was from God. Thanks for linking up for Flash Blog Friday :-)