Wednesday, 8 August 2012

broken :( after 13 years

linking up with My little Drummer Boys for wordless wednesday


  1. I remember having a big tantrum after my favourite blue teapot got broken years ago.

    But, whenever something old gets broken, it's a chance for something new to enter your life ;)

    1. very true. i bought 4 new ones today .if you check out my fb page you'll see them, and their resemblance to tombliboo's

  2. Oh no!

    Hope that wasn't your favourite mug....

  3. Replies
    1. wasn't a favourite but it had meaning. it was the first ever gift a child gave me in my first day care centre i worked in

  4. My brother gave me 6 crystal wine glasses for my 25th birthday.....(12 years ago....showing my age). A week ago I broke one, not even sure how, put it on the counter and somehow knocked it over! :(. It was the first really nice, expensive and thoughtful gift my brother had ever given me! Oh well...... There are still 5 others! :)

  5. I broke a special mug when we moved recently - I was a bit surprised at how much I cared!