Saturday, 11 August 2012

My Cherubs

I have been wasting so much of my emotions and energy on the goings on with chatterbox and dh that I forget to focus on what is important. My own children. The most treasured beings in my life. Yes they drive me insane at times but which child doesn't lol. The most insane thing is the older two waking up at 5am and playing the wii. They do it fairly quietly so I am not too worried. This morning we tried to get them to go back to sleep but that was more hassle than what it's worth as it woke up poor bub. Lately I was preparing a pre breakfast snack for them as we can't allow them in the fridge
or little man steals the yogurt and they've been known to grab the jar of peanut butter, a spoon each and eat half the jar lol.
My kids are beautiful though and I have in no way at all been close to the mother I should be for them. This post is dedicated solely to them and I will make an effort to write every week about something special they have said or done and post photos.

The top photo was our day at the park in the school holidays. It was so relaxing. Easy going. I've never spent such a long time at a park. We were there for 3 hours.
The middle photo on the right is Little Man taking Bub on his skateboard down our footpath in the backyard. She tried to do this on her own now little dare devil. The kids ride their scooter or little trikes down the path then all the way down the 3 small steps. and turn just before they crash into the glass door. Any people that come to our house freak when they watch this and hold their breath. I barely turn my head now, they've done it that many times.
The bottom photo is of bub with her new bubba she got for her birthday. Bub kisses, and wraps and nurses bubba all the time, even puts her to bed. Poor bubba had food stuck in her little plastic mouth from bub trying to feed her. We misplaced her the other day and bub was looking everywhere. I found her in the cubby house and called out to bub to show her. Well she dropped everything she was doing and cried out BUBBA and ran up to grab her.

The fist photo on the left is the lego Little man and I did together. First we made the house. He then wanted to build a "fence" around the green tray....and we ended up filling the whole tray. But it was fun doing it and little man loved having that time spent with him.
Middle photo is bub with our beautiful golden retriever. He will be 7 this year. Most beautiful dog, and bub just adores him.
Photo on the right is an example of what Miss s does in her room. She loves her polly pockets and barbie. On this particular day she played for a good hour alone in her room (rare). I came in to watch for a while. She'd filled up the barbie swimming pool with water and had 2 barbies going in it, using the slide attached. Miss s has a great imagination.
This week at big school they had their come and try days for the kids starting kindy next year. Miss S was beside herself excited as she was one of the helpers in her class to help the little kids do craft. i am so proud that she got selected to do this.
Bub has been toilet training herself this week. She literally pushed her 2.5yr old cousin out of the way when she wanted to use the toilet. She climbed up on to the toilet seat herself and did a wee. It was a real effort to get her off after this. A few days later she ran past my sister and I saying poo, go toilet. Lo and behold i was the very proud mummy staring at her poo in the toilet.
Little mans favourite game for the week is to throw whatever he can up on to the shade cloth then use the stick end of the broom to poke it down. If he is feeling cheeky he attempts to climb up there (yes he has been on our roof) but more often than not I catch him out.
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. My two have finally learnt to get up and turn the tv on themselves on the weekend. Bliss! It's funny though, because I still struggle to get them out of bed on weekdays! Hmmmmm

  2. What lovely Cherubs you have. Thanks for sharing them with us. Rachel x


  3. I'm sure you are a womderful mother.
    Sometimes it's good to stop and pause and remember what we have been blessed with. Xx

  4. Gorgeous photos. What a beautiful family you have. Truly blessed :) x

  5. Don't be so hard on yourself, just be the best you can be on the day and that is all that is asked. A lovely celebration of your beautiful, yoghurt and peanut butter stealing kids!