Friday, 31 August 2012

one of those moods

DO you ever get those days where everything just builds up? Nothing in particular is making you feel on edge, but everything is pissing you off. For me it's like the wheels have fallen off. I really do love my routine, love my time by myself. The last two weeks though have been so out of whack.

Chatterbox moved in permanently and due to suspension from school then facing expulsion she hasn't attended school for 2 weeks and 2 days while we waited for the new school to accept her. So I have had a teen in my house every day all day. Not saying it was bad but just not my usual day. It has helped us get on track with each other though which has been positive. Since she was home and missing work I've brought some extra books for her to do work from...maths and english. I've seen her weak points and have spent numerous hours with her trying to help her understand. I am no maths teacher so find it hard to explain how to do something I already know the answer to. But it's great when she "gets" it.
On top of a teen I've also had dh home for  a week and a couple random days last week. He had a boil. Just a boil. But due to his constant picking, poking and prodding at it it got infected. Infected to the point the hospital last week thought he had a flesh eating bug. He was due to go back to the hospital on Monday to have possible surgery ( I was thinking worse case scenario of amputation). Instead they tell him oops they got the diagnosis wrong. It's a strain of flesh eating bug, just a staph infection. Gave him a week off work. A WHOLE WEEK. So, stuck with a teen and my Dh. Most would rejoice but I am not as it's created a very very messy house. I would love him to have a week off without an infection so we could do lunch together or something. I have had to endure him laying on the lounge for most of the days acting as though it's the end of the world. He contemplated one day walking bub in the pram up the hill....hmmm...time to get off the lounge if he thinks he can do that.
Finally, i have had miss s home sick since Monday. She was sick on and off last week missing random days of school. Then last Friday completely crashed. I took her to the dr as I have never seen her so still and refusing food. It was viral of course, everything is viral isn't it (unless it's dh's boil turned to flesh eating bug turned to staph infection). Plenty of rest she said and a few more days off school. Thankfully yesterday she returned, well enough.

So now I just need a break. I want to be in my own house alone. Just a few hours is all I ask. I want a clean house. I think this week I have become even more obsessive with tidying up. I am not a clean freak as in scrubbing every nook and cranny, but I like things tidy and in their place. I like the table and benches wiped. If something is used and finished with I want it packed away not left there. But this week just hasn't happened like that.

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  1. Hope you get some respite soon...and some peace and quiet in your home.x

  2. Gosh what a tough time you have had! Praying you get some time to yourself very soon xo

  3. Gosh what a tough time you have had! Praying you get some time to yourself very soon xo

  4. Oh goodness! Hoping you get some time on your own, just to relax and catch up, soon! What a hectic time for you.

  5. oh my!!! I hope that she gets accepted and gets back on the right path...

    And you get some time to yourself to sit and reflex and to rejuvenate your much needed energy!

  6. Oh you poor thing, it is tough sometimes without those moments to ourselves. I hope you find some soon.

    Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses #teamIBOT

  7. Those times are tough, and it really is the little things that make all the difference. Hopefully you have had some peace since then :D

  8. Yep, I can understand your frustration. Things are hard when they build up.
    Hope you get some time to clean up your house soon. That makes all the world of difference. xx