Thursday, 1 September 2011

writers workshop

Join in the fun of writing with mama kats losin it
This week the prompt i am using is to write about a childhood memory from the perspective of being a child...

I was only trying to help. She's the new girl in the class and she didn't know where to put her stencils when she was finished. i want to be her friend so I help her.
Miss F is talking, I can hear her. Then I hear.."(insert my name) you are not listening. come to the mat now and listen". "But Miss F, i start to say, i was trying to help.....".and Miss F cuts me off mid sentence. I go red in the face. She is really cranky at me for talking back at her i think.
Not Miss F though, surely no, i love her and only the other day she told me I'm one of her favourite pupils even though she can't have favourites. I want the carpet to swallow me up. I feel so embarrassed. AS a result of my not listening she said I can't go to violin lessons. Now I'm not just embarrassed, I'm angry, angry that she is stopping me do something all because i was trying to help the new girl in year 2. " I hate you" i tell Miss F. Uh oh, I shouldn't have said that, i knew it straight away. She told me she will be talking to my mother. The rest of the day I feel awful. I didn't mean to say I hate you it just came out. I"m normally such a quiet student and I loved Miss F.
Mum is here now to pick me up from school and Miss F has a word to her about me. I'm still angry and embarrassed and try to explain that I didn't really hate her I was mad because I couldn't go to violin lessons. Lucky for me Mum was on my side about the violin lessons as she paid for them so she was annoyed Miss F stopped me. But she wasn't happy that I was rude to Miss F and made me apologise. Miss F gave me a hug and I feel so much better.

Now that was written about 27yrs after the incident so my memory is fuzzy but I do remember I got into trouble for helping, and she stopped me having violin lessons because i back chatted


  1. I remember how frustrating it could be as a child when it seemed no one was interested in your side of the story if it involved a grown up. I know how you must have felt.
    hi from MK's

  2. Boo to Miss F! I hate it when people don't give kids a chance to explain themselves. It's so frustrating to shut down like that as a child!