Thursday, 8 September 2011

What do I hoard?

Following writing prompt #2....if you were a hoarder, based on your personality, what would you hoard?(better yet as someone who knows you well)...with MAMA KAT"S WRITERS WORKSHOP

So I'm stuck already as I don't hoard, can't stand clutter actually. Even when mum passed away i kept a few little things, because they were hers. One day I asked myself, why on earth do I have this stuff? I don't like it, it's ugly, dust collector, so out they went.
I throw stuff out daily, just because i can't stand it. Hate random items floating around doing nothing. Even kids toys, if it's missing a part, it goes in the bin. If it's a McDonalds toy...bin (when kids can't see of course).

I asked DH and even he was stumped. He said jewellery. I laughed and said what?? you're just saying that to have something to answer me with lol. yes I have jewellery but it's in one place in the house, and i could get rid of most of them as over the years they've gone yuck or the kids have snapped them. But because it's out of the way I'm too lazy to bother.
His next reply was kids clothes. I disagree again..yes i keep the outfits they were brought home in from the hospital, and a couple of favourites, but that's it. I love going through actually and doing a clothes cull. Nothing better than acquiring more cupboard space!!Have to admit....i do looove buying clothes for the kids.

So I ask my sister....her reply was diet books. Years ago I was anorexic so I did collect books on diets, calories etc. Now I have about 3 books on food and behaviours...such as Sue Dengate FAILSAFE diet. I"m fascinated with anything that includes food and behaviour etc.

So I sat here thinking and busting my brain...i collect diary's, photo's, I'm quite anal about ensuring I have double copies of photo discs(and also take them whenever I go on holidays), letters and cards, and most things the kids have done. I feel guilty throwing stuff out. I panic if i can't find a photo disc. I have to sort through the kids art/craft to cull but hate doing it. I loooove memories. I've even started diary's for each child which i write special things in every few nights a week because i never want to forget. I started this blog so I could write things about the kids, or take photos of what they do/make.

So there you have it...I'm a hoarder of memories :)

I would never have figured that out if it weren't for writing on here.


  1. I was sent over from Kat's site! I love to throw away clutter too! I feel like I a drowning in kid clothes. Love your blog! Jen

  2. I am obsessed with memory keeping too! I hate getting rid of anything my kids make!

  3. Could you please come over and organize my house? Upon thinking about it I too realize I am a horder of memories. Ive just got a lot of other junk to go with it!

  4. "..a hoarder of memories." I love that! Me too! Not a bad hoarding habit if you ask me.
    I started updating photo albums this week and have been reduced to tears several times looking back at the babies I can barely pick up now :( It all goes by too fast. Hoard on!