Friday, 9 September 2011

Who leaves their phone in their esky outside....overnight !!

My Dh, that's who!!
I was already annoyed about this phone. Now I'm really annoyed.
Here's the story.....

i had a nokia 6200, which wasn't a bad phone but it started playing up so i asked for a new phone. I wanted a smartphone so i could access facebook on it easily etc but didn't want to pay alot as my plan can be renewed in December. I researched for a week as i felt so guilty requesting a new phone, and came across the LG GT540 for $150. I said make it my birthday/mothers day present as they fell on the same day, and just to get a pair of slippers. Why is it when we say this to our dh they take it literally.

So that's all i got. Breakfast was made, yes, but i just didn't feel special at all. In fact i felt very unimportant. To have the 2 days combined one would think the other half would make a double effort. To make me feel even less important i didn't even get a cake. Two weeks after the day dh and chatterbox  (step daughter)decided to make one. I knew it was in the oven, they got it out of the oven and i said we won't be able to eat it til tomorrow as you know i have to go to play in the musical now......3 hours later i arrive home to find it had been iced and more than half had been eaten. Nice. Thanks for waiting.

Anyway....a month later dh decides he wants a smartphone also as he was jealous that chatterbox and i could download music onto ours. He has a phone provided by his work that is just an average phone. So what does he do....goes and buys one just because he felt he could. Was i pissed?? bloody oath. i made mine a present, while he just buys one. Did he ever use it??hardly!! so that was my even bigger gripe. Buy this expensive phone and don't even use it. I'd get confused not knowing which phone to text as he'd tell me to text the new one but then never answered it, so then I'd text the work one...lo and behold he replied. So I'd pull him up on that all the time and he knew i was annoyed ( i also rub the no cake story in alot too).

So come this morning and he brings his esky in that was outside over night, in the pouring rain. What he couldn't figure out was how the rain got in the esky. what i couldn't figure out was why his $100 phone was sitting outside all night. He justifies it by saying it was in the esky. lol. So it swam in about 3 inches of water, we've had it sitting in a bowl of rice all day..but to no avail. I think it's officially fooked!! I told him to not even think about getting another one as he didn't even use that one ...which is obvious as he leaves it outside.
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  1. that all sounds horrible! Did the phone ever fix itself? We have had our fair share of troubles with phones but none to this extent. Thanks for linking up for Flashback Friday Blogshare!