Friday, 2 September 2011

things i know 2/9/11

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This week....
 - i know I'm not cut out to have more than 3 children

- i know I'm addicted to blogging

- i know i love my miss 4 to bits but wish she wouldn't whinge as much as she did

- i know i hold a grudge about mothers day but still got dh many presents from the kids

- i know i have to go through the toy catalogues and do a wish list and hopefully buy list lol


  1. I know that I think I need to make my lists shorter, LOL.
    I also know I don't want to think about toy catalogues or Christmas just yet. I am an ostrich when it comes to toys.

  2. I know I too am a bit sore about mothers day this year and the lack of thought and planning from hubby. Even so I have got him a lot of pressies and planned special food for tomorrow.
    Luv donna

  3. I really need to start thinking about Christmas! Thanks for the reminder!