Friday, 9 September 2011

My little karate people

My sisters older 2 kids do karate, so she found out about a class for the little kids. Miss 4 was very excited to do karate with her little boy cousin mr b, even though she had no idea what karate was. The fact her favourite cousin and best friend was doing it was enough for her. The class is from 4-430 on Thursdays.
my sister does family day care so the deal is that i take mr b and leave bub with her. One of her bigger kids usually come with me to which is lovely. Little man is at day care himself til 430 so I thought I'd wait til next year for him. He's quite introverted too so i didn't think he'd participate.
Yesterday his day carer had to finish early so she dropped him to me at 3. I tossed up about leaving him with my sister, or taking him to have a trial at karate. He wanted to do karate (or crown as he called it). he was so excited. So off we went, 3 little kids and one big kid to help me. I watched on with anticipation expecting little man to run off and hide, or bow his head with embarrassment as he does when he's nervous. But he was such a little trooper. He did everything, and with all his might too. i was so proud. Miss 4 and mr b helped and guided him.
So now the decision i let him continue as it may help with his "boyness", or wait til next year as i was going to originally? the problem being that with family day care we have to pay for 8 hours regardless of the booked times. I'd have to pick him up at 3 (which means waking bub ) in order to collect miss 4 from preschool on time. Hmmmm decisions!!!

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