Friday, 9 September 2011

Things I know 9/9/11

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This week I know

- Dh ruined his new phone

- We go on holidays in 2 more sleeps

- it annoys me that all of summerbay people are in the diner at the same time all the time

- magpies scare the crap out of me, especially when they swoop

- I want to bottle bub because she is at the most adorable age

- I"m really tired and need an early night..but any bet i'll stay reading other peoples things i know lol


  1. only 2 more sleeps till holiday...YAY!!! Hope you have a wonderful time

  2. Have fun on your holiday! Rofl, I never thought about all the residents of Summer Bay being in the diner at the same time before - but from what I remember, that very true, and very odd!

  3. Have an awesome time on your holiday! Where are you heading! I cant wait till we finally go on holidays, but thats after Christmas!

  4. Summer Bay is full of stalkers, murderers, and other assorted freaks....its no wonder they are all in the diner at the same time :)