Thursday, 8 September 2011

Planning the trip

We are going to the Gold coast on Sunday. Bloody long drive from here. I looked up on travelmate for the best directions. I just put our town and our destination, not state or country. The result would take 56 days and 8 hours. The directions told me to kayak across the pacific ocean and enter japan. I cracked up laughing...where the heck would I get a kayak that would fit all of us in?!! The real answer was 7 hours lol.

So i read up in Planning for Kids  blog who wrote about car travel with kids. I looooved her ideas. I won't do individual backpacks as ours are a bit young and i know they'd just abuse it not use it properly. however i will pack special snacks, i even bought snap lock bags especially for the trip. i went to the library today to find some audio books which hopefully will distract the kids. I've never borrowed one before, and I was in a rush as bub was getting restless in her ERGO , she didn't like me crouching down but i had no choice. So i borrowed 4 audio books. The librarian said bye bye to us as we finished and bub looked and waved and said in an ever so gorgeous voice...bu bye. I looked back at the librarian to see her reaction at my gorgeous baby saying this to her but she'd already walked away. Little did she know how important it was to me as it was bub's first time EVER saying that.

I plan to stop as often as we can and let the kids run around as Planning for Kids suggests. I feel there's nothing worse than driving and sitting then stopping at a fast food place and making your child sit still. So far we've lined up 2 stops at friends houses on the way.

I still have to think of reasonably healthy non chokeable food to pack for the kids....
and i also have to think of the best seating/luggage arrangement for the car....

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  1. Oh hope you have a great time away!!! Family holidays are great!!!
    Luv Donna