Sunday, 26 June 2011


We all have to do it and I bet we don't all love it. I used to love it. Don't ask me why. We got a new clothesline when dd1 was born. There was something fulfilling about hanging out tiny little baby girls clothes in the nice warm sun. It was only 3 of us back then so washing only had to be done every 3 days or so. Then we had 2 kids. So i used to leave the kids inside (as it was too cold early in the morning) to hang out the wash. This was before they realised they could fight with each and need to be watched 24/7 lol. I didn't mind too much as it was a time out sort of tehing and relaxing. Now i wash every day. If i don't then the next day i have to do 2 loads. I usually do a kids load one day, adult load anothe rday. Bedsheets and towels get doen whenever. We never have enough pegs for 2 loads because the kids usually take them and fill up their trailers or wheelbarrows with them. Or i drop them and the dog eats them, or the flip off the clothesline as i take the clothes off and land in the bush in teh little garden. It'd be great to have pegs that stick to the clothesline but don't weather in the sun and snap. I'm not one of those that hangs wash in any particular fashion, as long as it dries i'm happy. however when i get it in i get it off the line and put it in the basket in different piles...if it's a kids washing day i'll have 3 piles, one for each child. that way when i go to put t away it's already in a pile. I do'nt iron, it's pointless i feel. Of course i do iron for special occassions (not very often thank God). I don't fold very well either because i've done so so many times to have the kids pull out all their clothes while they are trying to find that special jumper or something. So i do a quick sort of fold so it looks a bt neat but that's all. Sinc it's so cold lately i've actually started washing at night then putting it in the dryer. I've heard it's cheaper at ngiht. The idea is to then pack it away the next morning...does it happen though?? not vry often. But it does save going outside in less than 4 degree's early in the morning. And ic an't take the kdis out that early when there is ice on everything but they fight when inside, and if i hang it out later when the ice is gone it won't dry as it's too cold during the day. hence why using the dryer is alot more effective. althoguh by doing it this way i can't put it into special piles once dry. Gosh who ever thought there there was so much involved with a simple load of wash. I'm glad I'm not the type of person who colour codes pegs etc.

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