Monday, 27 June 2011

The Car

I know this seems like a silly subject to post about. But I like to make things stress free, and i will mull over thigns over and over and change them around until i have the solution that when i changed the bedrooms around.
We own a hyundai trajet...not the one pictured but it looks like that. 2 seats in the front, 2 in the middle with an aisle, then 3 in the back. At the moment i've got dd2(bub) in the middle on the passenger side, dd1 also in the middle, then ds on the passenger side in the back. The problem is doing ds's seatbelt up. i either have to get in the car getting inbetween the 2 middle seats or twist my body around to do him up from reaching into him from behind bubs chair.
Every day seems to be a drama getting into the car. The older 2 have to climb in then if miss s doesn't go into her seat little man can't get past then they have a fight, or he'll get distracted by then and move into the front and play with the hazard lights. I'm constantly saying come on get into your seats, alternating between a nice quiet voice or a yelling voice,  the whole time trying to do up (bub). Finally they get in their seats but one of them is crying by now. Then to make it more fun they want to turn the lights on above their seats. I'm quite paranoid about this now as once i forgot to turn them off and then next day i left 10minutes before my Dr appointment to discover the battery was flat. I had to pile the kids into the pram, attach the pram skateboard then walk extremely quickly. So I have to let them play the game of turn the light on, but extend it to now lets turn it off so we don't have to walk to the dr again.
By now i'm letting out a huge sigh of relief that they are finally in their seats but then feel so guilty for yelling at them and promise myself i won't do it again. So then i hop in my seat and pull faces at the kids to get their smiles and laughter back and contemplate how i can make this less stressful. I'm thinking to jsut pull the middle seat miss s sits in, forward and put her seat in the back row again. Who knows. Maybe a sedan would've been easier despite the fighting with them all sitting togehter. lol .At least in the trajet they can't reach each other. It'll be great when they can all just walk in themself and do their own buckles up. Maybe one day i'll jsut not feel stressed about getting into the car and all will be good :)

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