Sunday, 26 June 2011

This weekend

I've always pictured weekends as different than weekdays. Probably because when i worked it was literally the end of the week and i could relax and well pretty much do anything. Now i always think yep that's the time we'll do something nice together or the one day i won't do any . LOL! washing maybe not. Washing always piles up, no such thing as a day off. so there goes that idea of no wash on the weekend. then hubby usually works on a saturday morning, well lately he has. so it's the same as a weekday here. but it still feeeels different, can't explain why. Today was church for me and miss s(4 yrs old). I was on the music roster so i usually just go with her rather than all of us going. I stayed longer than expected but that was ok. But then i had an idea of going to the park. My idea was a park with swings etc, hubby's was the park where the kids could ride their bikes and scooters around. We wouldn't all fit in the dual cab so hubby then had to take the seat out of the car in order to fit the bike in ( i hope he remembers to put it back in). The kids did have fun, but hopefully go to a proper park next time. Poor little bub( 1 in 2 weeks time) couldn't do much at all except run around lol. She had a ball though. Groceries are done on the weekend too. I really think supermarkets have the wrong idea as you put things in the trolley, get them out again, then put them back after you've paid, then get them out to put in your car, then get them out again. My sister, and a friend and i came up with the idea of just having it scanned once you put it in the trolley and if you change your mind then there's a section at the end of each aisle to put unwanted items and it automatically unscans.
My sister and her kids visited this weekend. Only 3 out of 4 came. The kids had heaps of fun playing together. miss s and nephew 2 (aged 3) and 2 peas in a pod and they run around crazily. They think the same and understand each other. Home time is never fun as we can't separate them. miss s went home with aunty m to have dinner and a bath. Next thing i know she wants to sleep over. Her first sleep over resulted in her crying and wanting to be picked up so we were a bit hesitant. We agreed though to see how she'd go. she was so so excited and said she would not cry or get upset at all. By 8pm she was unable to get to sleep so i went to pick her up. she remained happy but just wanted her own bed. she was asleep within minutes. I know that the next time she goes there she will pester me for a sleep over yet again lol.
At the moment, this weekend like a few others have been taken up with hubby doing up his old ute in order to sell it and get better money for it. It does drive me nuts a bit as little man (3 yrs) always wants to be with him but then he gets into everything and makes hubby's job harder and it takes him even longer which then drives me more nuts. i can't wait til the ute is sold and hubby can spend time inside.have to admit though for someone who isn't a car person he is doing a great job and the ute looks fantastic so far!
I think the thing with weekends is that during the week i'm at home with the kids and the minute weekend hits i see it as my chance for us all to get out of the house. I forget the fact that hubby has been out of the house all week and sees it as his chance to be home.

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  1. That is exactly the issue kieran and I have, I can't wait to get out of the house as a family on weekends because I've being stuck with the kids all week and he can't wait to relax at home after being working all week. It's kinda funny!! Like most things in marriage it's about give and take so some weekends are homey and some are out.
    Luv Donna