Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Afternoon fun with Miss 4

It all started with Miss 4 doing some threading with a bargain pack of $2 beads with threading string. She made me a necklace and a bracelet and insisted i wear it, so i agreed. I looked at the circumference of this necklace and thought, hmmm that will fit around my neck, but getting it over my head could prove difficult. I suggested Miss 4 wear it instead as my head is a tad too bit. But no, she was determined to have me wear it. So I slowly stretch it thinking yes yes it's going to fit over my head ....then all of a sudden...pop, pop. snapped!!Beads flew all over the kitchen. The look on Miss 4's face was priceless. She started to tremble and her bottom lip quivered. So to distract her i laughed, then laughed some more and said Oh dear, silly mummy!! She lightened up then and laughed herself. We picked up the beads together and proceeded to make another necklace. From there I asked Miss 4 if she wanted me to help her clean her room and she did. Once in there we started doing a mix and match puzzle from her fairy book. We had to actually cut out the pieces, then i laminated them then re cut them and we mix and matched the princess. Then made mini puzzles from the book. It was so much fun. Miss 4 waited patiently for the laminator to heat up, then she even put the sheet in it. She was so proud of herself. I then decided to get her a colouring in book to colour in a picture which we created into her very own puzzle. I told her how much fun I was having with her and i honestly wish we could do that every day. Just an hour of quality time i'd really really love.

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