Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Getting Dressed

It's a part of the day we all must face unless we stay in our pj's (providing we even wear pj's) or we walk around with no clothes on. I like to be organised and have my clothes ready at the end of the bed the night before so all i have to do is grab those in the morning to take to the shower. I used to put the kdis clothes out but found it didn't really make a difference and often miss s wouldn't like what i chose lol. Being such an independent little miss s 4 yr yr old she liked to choose her own clothes and she has also started dressing herself a few months ago. I"m so so proud of her. i love her choice of clothes, it really shows th etype of person she is...carefree with a touch of daggyness, but very much her own style . i hope this sticks with her and she she remains the happy go lucky girl she is. She'll often come out wearing tracksuit pants (because i tell her in winter to wear long pants), and she has a skirt her Grandma sewed for her over the top. i also remind her to wear long arms as it is cold, but she has favourite t shirts. The other day i said she can wear the t shirt but she still needs a warm jumper. Next thing she came out with a hoodie jacket on, with a tshirt OVER the top of it. She looked so cute. She was comfortable so i lfet it exactly that way!
As for little man, he has his own style too...his way or the highway. We fight nearly evry morning about getting dressed. Gradually we are getting better. He (well all our children and myself) are spirited. I think one of his biggest challenges is change, and adapting to this. getting dressed is change. I try to do it at the smae time every day but so far that hasn't helped. He also has favourites, but unlike miss s it is very hard to compromise with him. He has a tshirt and a jumper that have writing on teh front, that look like dad's clothes, so they are his favourites. He calls them his work clothes lol. Jeans are his favourite too, but jsut this week i've managed to get him into tracksuit pants without him protesting and taking them off. It;s the same with undies. Its taken a good 6 months to get him to wear undies and not protest but he also has his favourties of them.And socks...has to be his monkey socks or star socks, not his stripey socks. He doenst like them at all.Lastly....shoes. He has this little pair of black shoes. He loves them. Wears them everywhere. Only problem is they are too small. I took him to the shop at the start of winter to choose a pair of shoes. After much crying and saying no to everything i showed him he finally settled on a nice pair of brown boots. We wore them for a few days then suddenly....nope, he wanted his little blck shoes again. Bugger , why didn;t i just throw them out. So i've squuezed his little feet into his black shoes. Today however, i can't find the black shoes. I do wonder if hubby threw them out. Ds was hesitant to put his boots on but he did in the end.
And as for bub. it's never easy dressing a baby. Bub hates sitting still, which i do understand but she does need to get dressed. The hardest bit is trying to change her pooey bum when she's flipped over on to her belly then wriggles away. The best part about changing her is seeing her bare little skin and blowing raspberries on her. So so adorable. Night time is a challenge after her bath. She hates that the most. Usually i swap dh and i dress her as i have slightly more patience than him. She wears alot at night so it takes slightly longer. I give her toy after toy on her change table, which she;ll chew for a while, then throw...if i ever have no toys left i jsut look under the change table .We have one of those musical toys that you haang on cots, hung on the change table instead. It;s a rainforest with monkeys, etc and bub can push the button as it's right next to her and she watches it light up and the animals move, and the music plays. She;s very clever to do that I think.
So there is getting dressed...I've heard as kids get older it gets harder...hmmmm, hope not.

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