Tuesday, 2 August 2011

the bedroom wall

It's ugly. Picture it......you wake up after a not so great sleep. You have been up to the baby to give her a bottle, she pukes on your pyjama top. So you go back and fumble around in the dark to find another one before you hop back into bed. Nudge hubby a few times with your elbow because he is snoring. Shut your eyes then miss 4 calls out, mum! muuuum! mummy!! muuuummmmyy!! i'm calling you!! come here mummy!! you stumble back out of bed, bare feet on the cold floorboards and make your way to her room. She wants her wheat bag heated up. So you stand infront of the microwave for the 2 minutes it takes to heat the wheat bag. ok done, go back to bed. Kick hubby because he is snoring really loud. Start to drift back to sleep. then little man starts to cry. kick hubby a bit harder to let him know little man is crying and its' his turn to get up for a change. slowly he gets up and gathers himself to get to little man's bedroom, the whole time you're thinking you'd have been there and back by now. He goes finally, quietens little man, goes to the toilet, comes back. You've stayed awake the whole time to make sure all was good. Dh goes back to sleep instantly. You take a while. Morning hits and you wake up to the ugliest wall. poo yellow colour. I said to dh it's no wonder we wake up feeling like shit lol. So many times i've been tempted to paint it but don't know the first thing about painting and i know dh prefers to fix the walls up first before putting a coat of paint on. I think about what can I do to make the bedroom look better. Not alot comes to mind. Find some material and try to make the white roman blinds look better. Nearly fall off the chair hurtingg my wrist and getting a massive bruise on my leg while trying to get the material up. Which in the end looked ugly so i took it back down. Instead I get bub and we head into town to look for anything i could find to put on the ugly wall to make it look better. I'm racing against time now because i want to have it all done before dh gets home but meanwhile i have to pick miss 4 up from preschool. Miraculously i get it done and am secretly pleased with the outcome!!

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