Tuesday, 16 August 2011

come and try days at big school

Day one of come and try day at big school....I drop bub and little man at my sisters house so i can totally focus on miss 4. Miss 4's best friends mum rings to say she is going home to get best friends hat. So i tell her I'll wait. As i drive closer to the school i see lots of mum's and come and try kids with school bags. I feel anxious as all i packed was miss 4's lunch box so make a quick dash for home to get her bag. Best friend waited for us at the front office where we were also greeted by a year 6 student who introduced herself and ask miss 4 what was her name. She took us down to where all the other parents and children were. We went over to the table and got a name tag for miss 4 then waited fir instruction for where to go. luckily miss 4 was in a group with 2 of her preschool friends and a little boy she went to day care with. she was more than happy for me to leave, i did however have a lump in my throat. I was meant to go grocery shopping but a better offer of coffee from a friend i hadn't seen for a while got the better of me. The whole time I'm wondering how is miss 4. We get back to school after coffee and wait for the bell to ring. i was so excited to see miss 4 and hear about her day. she came racing out of her room and grabbed her bag and ran over to me. she dumped her bag and ran off to play!!So i knew she had a positive time. A teacher (who is also the mother of one of miss 4's friends) informed me that miss 4 is very confident and independent. I wasn't sure how to take that as it can be interpreted different ways but I'm thinking it's a good thing.
Day 2....leave earlier than we should "just in case" and thank God we did. Get all kids strapped into the car turn the key....click click click. Crap, flat battery. take a breath and ring DH. i say honey, i need you to come home RIGHT away and start my car please. he says i was actually just on my way there to grab my drill. YAY!! So he gets here, uses the battery pack to start the car and tells me all is good. So i drop little man at day care (yes the one up the road from big school), hop back in the car and click click click. I ring dh back up and tell him i need him again. Lucky for me he was actually driving up that road. He leaves the battery pack with me this time. Meanwhile my sister texts me and says be careful and get car checked before our holiday as she had a dream about a car getting stranded with lots of kids in it. finally we get to school. I park next to miss 4 bestfriends car incase something happens again. We have to go to a different classroom today which is just as exciting. But...on the way i stumble upon the bitches i went to high school with. There were 2 of them, both had sons. I got a major stare down by one of them and all the awful feelings i had from highschool came gushing back. i felt sick. But no, it's time to focus on miss 4. lucky for me the car started fine. For my short time at home a had a friend over and discussed my negative depressing feelings about the bitchy girls. I almost considered changing schools for miss 4 but realised it's not about me, and i could see on her face how happy and confident she was. Stuff the bitches. One of them wears skirts, with socks and shoes that look like school shoes. how ugly!
Get back to school, it's freeeeezing cold as i wait for miss 4. i see some mum's I know so stand and have a chat. also see the bitches again, get the stare again but who cares. Miss 4 comes out happily and we head off to preschool. Her bestfriend was going too so they walked in together. The teacher was doing an explanation to the group for a special fathers day painting. Miss 4 and best friend disrupt the whole group, the teacher is trying to get their attention again. Best friends mum and i have a little giggle about it.
That afternoon as i was on my way out of the driveway my sister rings to ask if my dh is working near her house. but he's not. i ask why and she tells me her car is stuck.... at her son's school....with all the day care kids in it (there was her dream). I remember the battery pack is in my car so tell her she will have to wait until i pick up miss 4 then will go straight to her. all was good.
day 3....last day. Miss 4 wasn't too impressed about it being her last day. Best friend and her take each others hand and walk in. Best friends mum and i had arranged to take the kids to macca's afterwards so the kids were really looking forward to that. Both girls had a ball at school and a ball at macca's. Little man also loved best friend and a week later still talks about her and says she's his best friend. too cute.
All in all miss 4 loved her come and try days and can't wait to go to school.

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