Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Big School

Miss 4 is starting school next year. I had my heart set on sending her to a particular school since she was born. This school was on the other side of town, about a 20minute drive. I even enrolled her. Then I heard the school was getting too big so started to think about other options. I had doubts about the school we are actually zoned for so asked ALOT of people about it, and not one person said a bad thing which is good. I was still hesitant though.
Little man goes to day care once a week jut up the road from the zoned school and miss 4 kept saying there's my school, without me even having said anything to her. That was a bit of a fluke i think. I went in anyway to enrol her and she seemed so excited which was great. So then all we had to do was wait for her come and try days, which involved 3 days of 930-12pm , leaving your child at the school and they sit in with the kindergarten classes.
One week before this i found out we as parents don't stay with them. we leave them there, on their own. I nearly died. leave my baby girl at a massive school with no child safety gates!?I prayed I'd instilled enough sense into miss 4 to stay put. I also found out this same day that her best friend from preschool was also going to this school. Her mother decided that week and i was over the moon.
i assessed miss 4's clothes a few days before and thought there is no way she can turn up to school in daggy clothes. The clothes she loves to wear are tracksuit pants with a skirt of them, and a long sleeve shirt with a t shirt over it. I love her character like that but maybe just not for her first few days. So i bought a pair of jeans, a knitted vest, a pink ballerina top and a pretty pair of shoes. However, it dropped by about 8 degrees for her school days so she was unable to wear the shoes, knitted vest and ballerina top.

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