Monday, 20 February 2012

6 years......

I was cleaning my sons room and found a wallet. It was the football world cup in 2006 wallet. I pondered over it for ages thinking wow that was 6 years ago. so much has happened in 6 years.
6 years ago this was my life.....
I was training a golden retriever puppy, which involved attending puppy preschool
I lived alone in a 2 bedroom flat. I will never ever forget that flat. It was a really nice feeling flat (even though the neighbours were total weirdo stalker type people). I had such a small fridge and never ever thought I would need a big fridge.
I was as single as could be. Had no interest in any male and was fearful I would live single forever and just have Sebastian my dog as my friend.
I was starting weekly rehearsals for a musical called westside story.
Worked full time as a director at an ABC childcare centre.

come April 6 years ago (so April 2006) and I miss a close friends wedding due to the fact an awful horrible fat woman abusing ex stole my money a few months prior and I didn't have enough to travel with to see her wedding. So instead i reluctantly attend a work colleagues hens night. Her and I were only just building a friendship over the last 8 months so I felt a bit odd going out.
Once out I met Dh.
In that 6 years the following happened....

fell pregnant within 1 month of meeting dh
gained 2 step children
had dh move in with me then we eventually bought a house that same year
got engaged then married 3 yrs later
had 3 earth babies and one angel baby
lots of up and downs with step kids
holidays to various places
eldest daughter attending school

So...6 years ago I would never have ever imaged the 6 years to be anything like they turned out. Proves to show you really can not plan your life in any way whatsoever


  1. Wow!! ! Its amazing to think what can change in 6 years!!! Do you think life is better now than it was then or just different? I love looking back and seeing how things have changed! Luv Donna

    1. can't say it was better or worse. jsut different. i hated the loneliness but now crave time alone lol. had only myself to love and talk about and now my kids are my world and i talk about them pretty much all of the time