Monday, 5 December 2011

The Last Day

All good thing must come to an end i guess. Admittedly I was looking forward to being in my own bed.

So off we go on our merry way back to home. Wouldn't quite call it merry however....bub screaming, Miss 4 being annoyed at bub touching her all the time, no air con at all and feeling as though it was abotu 50 degrees inside. Winding the windows down made it too loud which meant bub would scream again.

Finally we had a stop and during this stop we changed car seats around so Little man was in the middle now. A few minutes into the trip and silence...they were sleeping. Phew. I was hoping they would stay asleep through the Great Dividing Range but Miss 4 woke up, and the polaramine had worn off too. Within seconds she was upset for feeling like vomitting. I didn't blame her, i felt the same. Facing backwads to calm her did't help either. I wasn't sure the happy meal box would hold both our vomit lol.

we got through without vomitting and stopped as soon as we could to let the kids run around and get fresh air (and top ups of polaramine).
A few hours later we are finally home. Absolutely buggered from sitting all day.

All in all was a fabulous trip. If we could fly there it'd be even better!!

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