Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Gold Coast...the last full day

I absolutely loved today. It was a real beachy holiday kind of day.
Once bub woke from her morning nap we headed off to the water park As we got closer we could see it was packed full of people. Kids in brightly coloured swimmers ran around everywhere. They all looked the same to be honest. We made a split second decision to scrap the water park and head further to the little beach. It was so so lovely there. The kids had fun building sandcastles with daddy.

Lunch time was near so we headed back and found The Rock Pool cafe where we ordered hot chips . We walked a bit further where we saw a nice shady spot near a play area so sat to eat the chips and the kids had a quick play. I could live like that every day. So carefree.
after bub's lunch sleep we headed back to the water park. The kids had a big play here for the whole afternoon. On the way home we spoilt the kids and walked to mcdonald's for them to have dinner. It was bath and bed as soon as we got home however.
Dh and i spoilt ourselves having pizza and pasta for dinner tonight after the kids went to sleep.

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  1. I'm so happy to see your family enjoying Gold Coast! We live in Brisbane, so we often visit the Gold Coast for a mini Getaway.