Saturday, 15 October 2011

Gold Coast Holiday Part 2

So here we are at our resort. It's like moving into a new house (well not totally) but you walk the place, sus out all the rooms, see what does and doesn't work, and unpack. Being the determined person i am i like to have this all done in one i did. clothes, food, you name it i unpacked it.
We then decided to go for a walk and see what was around us. Right across from our resort (across the water) we could see Sea World. Walk a bit further and there is a kids park, then another one and another one, and wait ...another one. so many. We found a really good one that had trains you pedal around it and a flying fox also. The kids were having an absolute ball. As we walked back we walked past the rock pools. These have only been opened for a year. Little pools of water, some fountains spurting up at separate intervals, waterfalls all very inviting. Miss 4 asked if she could walk in it, seeing as it was so shallow we agreed but weren't really sure if this was allowed as the only other people there were grandparents with a granddaughter. Once Miss 4 was in Little man had to follow. Before long they had stripped down to their undies running around like chooks with their heads chopped off.
All you could really do was laugh. The grandparents looked over at me, i shrugged and said...first day of holidays. After some screaming and protesting we managed to dress the kids into dry clothes and head back to have dinner and resume our normal bed time routine.
They did amazingly well with dinner/bath/bed in the new place especially after day sleeps. Bath wasn't really bath as there was only a shower but still...they did pretty good.


After a not so bad sleep but waaaay too early a morning we decide we'll go to the worlds tallest residential building and to Ripley's believe it or Not. We got there really early so went for a stroll around the shops. The kids were lucky to score new sunnies each, and also new buckets and spades to take to the beach. Arrive to the tall building and purchase our tickets to go up. i felt a bit giddy up there, 77 floors high. The kids loooved it, and pointed out all the dirty swimming pools.

The view from here was amazing. Well worth going up for sure.

From here we went to Ripleys. We couldn't take the pram so luckily I had the ergo baby carrier for bub. She wasn't too impressed with being there as it was so I'm glad i had her close to me to comfort her. The other to enjoyed walking around seeing funny things.
Once we left there we all got an icecream and headed back to our resort to get our swimmers and head to the little beach nearby. i didn't know how bub would go in the water as at Christmas time she was not impressed at all. Lo and behold i put her down and she went straight for the water...and loved it. She wouldn't get out. A few times she fell in but picked herself up again. She also liked to walk, and keep on walking which was so cute. Little man at first preferred to play in the sand. he is definitely one to sus out the situation first then go in. Where as miss 4 went straight in, splashing, laughing, on her belly etc. It was so so nice to see them have so much fun. I sometimes get too caught up in taking photos. but i did enjoy just watching them.

Later in the afternoon after bub had her sleep we walked back to the rock pools...this time we were prepared with swimmers and towels. We took turns with which kids to watch to ensure they were watched 100%. Bub had the most fun watching the water spurt out of animal figures. The other 2 enjoyed running back and forth through the water. Getting them out to go back home wasn't an easy task but somehow we managed it.


  1. Your holiday sounds so good !! Lots of family fun. You are a good mama !! Luv Donna

  2. You live in Australia! How cool is that! The internet has made this a small world. Looking forward to reading the rest of your Gold Coast post.
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